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Ordering Process

ingredient origin

Our ingredients are hand-harvested from expert foragers and farmers from across the US and the globe! Each ingredient has a unique story and source.

Minimum Order Quantity

Our current MOQs are dependent upon the actual ingredient that you are purchasing. However, a majority of our MOQs are 3-5 lb. for fresh ingredients and 1 lb. or 1 each for dried/pantry goods.

Item pricing

For cultivated ingredients, prices rarely change. For wild ingredients, prices are subject to change due to availability, season and location. We update prices for each item if/when they change.


Shipping is calculated based on the amount of ingredients that are purchased. For smaller perishable orders, discounted UPS or FedEx overnight services are utilized. For smaller non-perishable orders, discounted UPS, USPS and FedEx services are utilized.
For larger orders, Air Cargo with Delta, Alaska Air and Southwest Airlines are used. Buyers with their own Air Cargo accounts are encouraged to utilize their own accounts.

Scheduled Ordering

Absolutely! If you’d like to setup automatic ordering for your restaurant or business, please reach out to us here to setup a delivery and order cadence.


We accept all major credit cards as well as ACH accounts. All payment terms are Net 7 for all returning customers. New customers are required to pay prior to receiving ingredients.

order cutoff

Order cutoff time is Wednesday 12:00 noon EST for same-week deliveries. All urgent orders after the cutoff is subject to availability based on the individual situation.

Weekend Delivery

We do not offer weekend delivery as a regular service at this time. However, we do accommodate for special events and instances. Reach out here if you request a special delivery!

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied for any reason with you order due to a quality issue, we can provide a replacement or refund for the affected item(s) WITH proof of damage/quality issue (picture) provided within 24 hours of item arrival.

Wholesale Pricing List

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